Adopting Archaeology – a good day in Grantham

Really positive feedback to report from the community conservation dayschool with CBA earlier this week.

Lincolnshire has some great community conservation projects, supported by Heritage Lincolnshire. The day brought them together with colleagues from Archaeology Scotland (Adopt a Monument), CBA Wessex (Friends of Ancient Monuments), the SPAB’s Maintenance Co-operatives Project and the Industrial Heritage Support project. We shared experiences, innovative ideas, common issues and challenges, and found common cause across a wide range of exciting projects. So much happening in this field.

“Sharing best practice – great ideas”
“We are not alone, others in the same boat. Thanks for the contacts”
“Amazing ideas, Brilliant methodologies”
“Found out about what goes on in my county”
“High calibre. Diversity. Knowledge. Empowering”

And ideas for a national event too?  More suggestions hopefully still to come back from participants.  Thank you everyone for your brilliant contributions.


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